What Is 3D Signboard

3d signboards

What Is 3D Signboard


Commonly made out of aluminum, Creative Ideas Advertising Agency 3D signboards are a practical signage answer for your business. The letters are made with a base profundity of 100–120 mm and have an apparent edge on their appearances with noticeable screw joints on bigger signs. Three-dimensional signage (sometimes called 3D signage or dimensional signs) adds an element of depth to a flat sign’s height and width. The shape, shadows, and shading of 3D letters, logos, and graphics catch the eye as no two-dimensional flat sign can.


Sign & Display advertising carries an array of options of sign letters and 3D outdoor letters for you to choose from. Sign & Display advertising’s signage solutions are a class apart and help you uplift your business’ brand image with premium quality signage, which makes your business establishment more eye-catching and add to its brand value. Typically made out of aluminum, Sign & Display advertising’s 3D signboards Outdoor Letters are a cost-effective signage solution for your business. You also get to choose from other metals, timber, Acrylic, stainless steel, flex face, etc. to fabricate your letters from. Sign & Display advertising gives you the freedom to choose from multiple features like; face lit or backlit illumination, matching or contrasting color LED’s, colored acrylic, vinyl pasted letters, and many more. The letters are made with a minimum depth of 100 – 120 mm and have a visible rim on their faces with visible screw joints on larger signs.

Advantage of Sign & Display advertising’s outdoor 3D letters

  • Minimal maintenance.
  • Single letters can be as large as 3 meters.
  • Letters larger than 3m can be made in parts.
  • Multiple material types to choose from.
  • Low cost highly efficient LED illumination.


Sign & Display advertising offers 304 grade or 316-grade stainless steel signage solutions with varying sizes customized per request. We offer high-quality soldering and polished mirror with back concealed studs. We ensure durability along with a smooth polished finish with our steel 3D letters. The letters are visible even under low light conditions because of their three-dimensional features and these can withstand adverse weather conditions. This particular kind of signage offers a small size and slim shape with a premium look and is perfect for corporate offices, designation titling outside chambers of doctors, lawyers, and other professionals. These also find a wide application in a range of signage, signboards, reception sign, building-top signs, office signs, etc.

Advantage of Sign & Display advertising’s 3D steel letters

  • Corrosion-resistant finishing
  • Tarnish resistance
  • Stylish designs

Along with the robustness to be conformed to any shape and design, these letters can also be fitted with LED lightings to further increase the aesthetic appeal of the signage. If you require a quotation, kindly share with us your letters and design along with size requirements and we will have a representative create a customized quote for you.