4 Common Materials Used in Outdoor Signboard

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4 Common Materials Used in Outdoor Signboard


Are you considering starting a new brick-and-mortar business or opening a new branch in another location? If yes, getting outdoor signage may probably be on the top of your list. Naturally, when it comes to outdoor signboard, you want them to be durable, reliable, and able to withstand the effects of inclement weather. Your outdoor signs also represent the brand of your business, so using the right materials is a must.

If you are already considering which outdoor signboard materials are the best, we have outlined the top four common choices.

  1. Aluminum

Aluminum is one of the best materials for outdoor signs. It is known for being lightweight, strong, rigid, and affordable. Aluminum primarily comes in three thicknesses which are popular options for outdoor signs.

  • The smallest option has a 0.04-gauge thickness. This variant makes it perfect for real estate and political signs.
  • The next thickness option is 0.08-gauge thickness which is a better option for street signs.
  • The third thickness option is 0.125-gauge aluminum used to make heavy-duty signs. For instance, huge pylon signs on highways.
  1. Vinyl 

Vinyl banner material is a popular option as it is relatively inexpensive and more portable than other materials. A vinyl sign may not last long compared to the ones made of metals. But, it does a good job for a temporary purpose like advertising an upcoming sale or calling attention to new retail stores. Since campaigns generally last less than a year, this outdoor material is an excellent option for your campaigns. So every time you have to change the outdoor signs, you won’t have to spend a lot of money on this material. With a little and right amount of care, you may expect the vinyl signage material to last longer than a year in case you have planned long-term campaigns.

  1. Dibond

Dibond is a plastic core that gives your signage exceptional strength, thus making it the perfect exterior sign board material. Compared to other outdoor plastic sign materials, Dibond has an aluminum surface that’s attractive and resilient to extreme weather conditions. If you want unique or custom dimensions for your sign, then Dibond is a good option. This is because this signage material can be cut into practically any shape or size with unique dimensions.

  1. Dura-Wood

Dura-wood is the best option if you are looking for a classy-looking material for your signage. This material looks and feels like wood, but can resist harsh weather better than untreated wood signage. Dura-wood can also be custom-made in any size or shape. All the materials mentioned above already have waterproof features that can protect your signage from rain and snow. So, if you are ready to order custom signage made from the best material for outdoor signs, seek help from the signage experts to learn more about the available options.